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December 16th, 2009

Christian rehabilitation is a sure way to transform from alcohol and drug addiction into sobriety. If you are an addict then you could try out this methodology which is known to work wonders. It not only turns people sober, it also keeps them like that permanently. You are taught some techniques using which you can keep yourself in a positive frame of mind always. Thus even when you have difficulties or temptations thrown at you, you learn to remain unfazed without the need to take refuge in a bottle of alcohol or abuse drugs.What are those special techniques, you might wonder. It is a set of activities that strengthen you from deep within. It is natural that anything that is deep rooted has a long standing effect so if are strong at the core then you are likely to remain staunch in your decision to be sober. Christian rehabilitation only helps you to achieve your dreams of leading a “clean” life where you have the fortitude to remain free from the miserable influence of alcohol or drugs. Usually alcoholics are found to take to addictions because they do not have the power to challenge any difficulties that come in their path. Many times this is due to a wrong perspective of a situation and not because they lack the guts. So a problem typically seems much bigger than it usually is and seems to have no solution in sight. Naturally a person wants to forget about it immediately and reaches out for a bottle of intoxicant. Sometimes it so happens that addicts were simply tempted into the habit; a friend might have introduced him/ her to substance abuse and it is common knowledge that these substances have the ability to suck people into themselves and keep them under their control. It is also possible that some genuinely traumatic experiences like loss of dear ones, being in a scary accident etc could also trigger addictive tendencies because people try to immerse their sorrows by being intoxicated. A good treatment program for de-addiction should consider all these angles and give their therapy in such a manner that every one of them is addressed to bring about the change. Based on the client’s mental and physical condition, a relevant plan has to be tailored for him/ her. Christian rehabilitation centers are very well equipped to handle addicted people in any condition, coming from any walk of life. Though there is a belief that this excellent and most effective treatment is given only for the Christian community, it is not a fact. Truth is that it operated under the principle of “All are welcome”. Their singular aim is to provide a program that forms a compassionate cushion for people to recover their lost sobriety. It is for all those addicts who have been assaulted by drug misuse and who are desperate to give up their undesirable ways. A client who gives himself up for treatment at such a center has many pleasant experiences to undergo. Right from luxurious lodgings to a great location, those who are taking the healing can feel total comfort for the period of their stay here. They are give thorough body care as well as psychological care for which professional medicos and psychologists are ever present. They also have the option of increasing their skills and knowledge base so that when they jump into mainstream life they can have good job openings. Physically the healing process goes like this: detoxifying, keeping away from substances that can be abused, medication to curb craving good food and work out sessions. All these together serve to restore complete health to you. Mentally and emotionally you can seek help with the counselors. Every one of you gets assigned to a counselor and one on one sessions are held often. During these meetings you are led to explore all the hidden emotions and tensions that are lurking inside. By talking about them your mental and emotional baggage are removed.As part of the faith-based or spiritual cure, the persons who are undergoing the de-addiction therapy get to participate in a whole lot of activities to help them heal from the inside. These include prayer sessions, listening to sermons, attending group discussions and doing some service to the deserving. The good thing is that you are given the option to continue doing all this till you are confident about yourself and believe that a relapse is no longer possible. It is true that most people begin to like this lifestyle so much that they end up devoting some of their leisure in such actions throughout their lives – this benefits everyone involved. With this wonderful rehab treatment-program there is hope – you can turn sober forever and lead of life of freedom and dignity!

Prescription Pills Addiction: How to get rid of it at Christian Drug Rehab Center

November 28th, 2009

When we talk about drug addiction, we normally associate it with stuff like marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other cocktail of drugs that are sold in the dark alleys and notorious lanes of the city. However, there is also another form of drug addiction which is equally dangerous, if not more powerful: prescription drug addiction.

Drugs that are prescribed for a particular disorder or disease can make a person dependent on it.  The person begins to harbor an increased tolerance for the drug. Increased tolerance means the individual needs a higher amount of the drug to get the same effect which he derived from the smaller dose of the drug. This means, the person will not get ‘relief’ from the medicine, so he begins to take an extra pill or dose.  It can so happen that the person may take the same medication 5 times a day or more to get the same effect. Shockingly, this is prescription medication ‘not prescribed’ by the doctor to take in this manner. However since the person becomes addicted to it, it becomes very difficult to stop it. The possibility of other disorders, diseases, hospitalization and even death loom high due to addiction for prescription medication.

 The National Institute on Drug Abuse has found that female teens are more susceptible to use prescription medication for non-medical purposes. For instance, some girls tend to take prescription medication for menstrual problems and then began to develop an addiction as they resort to this medication for every other form of pain. Health problems, stress, depression and other problems cause people to be addicted to prescription drugs. Some of the common symptoms of people suffering from prescription drug addiction are illness, temporary loss of memory, mood swings, emotional instability and lack of sleep.

People who take prescription drugs need help; they are looking for ways to get rid of this addiction, even though they do not voice it. I know of a person who was hooked on to prescription drugs out of a health problem. She had taken the medication for healing a health problem; however she found that it could also give her good sleep. After that, whenever she was not able to sleep, she would consume that particular prescription medication, till she became addicted to it. The girl’s parents tried every possible way to help her but in vain. Luckily Christian drug rehab turned to be her savior. The faith based drug rehabilitation gave her spiritual strength, strong enough to resist and finally stopped taking prescription medication altogether.

 This is a faith based drug rehabilitation center that helps a person get rid of this habit through spiritual teaches,  prayers, Bible study, productive activities, counseling and group therapy. With quality rehabilitation centers like Christian drug rehab, there is a ray of hope for people suffering from drug addiction. So if you know of someone who is suffering from prescription drug addiction, be sure that there is help at hand that can permanently stop this habit for good.

Sober Housing in Delray Beach

April 26th, 2009

Our team of professionals are here to help you find the very best sober housing in Delray Beach. Our network includes 10 to 15 of the very best sober housing organizations. We do not charge for this service as we are giving back to the community by helping you find a great place to continue your recovery. If you need to speak with someone please call 888-469-8777 or check out some additional helpful resources

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